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Happy 150th Birthday Petaluma

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This webpage is a "candid" commentary, and/or news reports, on all that is: Good, Bad and Unbelievable about "Our Petaluma!"
As these pages grow and mature, I will offer my personal recommendations and comments  (with input from the community) on such diverse things as:

Non-Profit Organizations
Petaluma Political Links

My Favorite Petaluma Restaurants!

E-Mail me with your comments and suggestions!

Non-Profit: Charitable; Service; and Arts/Cultural  Organizations!
in Petaluma!
How can you Join? How can you help?
How can you make Petaluma a "better" place for all of us?

Email me about your favorite Petaluma Group!

What streets need to be resurfaced NOW?

Payran Street is finally finished?
How about East Washington/Bodega to the City Limits???
How about McDowell and local residential streets???
Email me with your recommendation(s) (please be exact) AND why!

How well are our Local elected and appointed politicians representing us?

Who are theyHow to contact them!

Check Out who is contributing money to whom!
Have they really tried to keep their campaign promises?

Money and Politics... follow the $$$ and campaign contributions!
How much money comes from OUTSIDE Petaluma?
Who is trying to "buy" your votes, and WHY?
Which local candidates refuse to file required financial reports?

CLICK HERE to review Form 460s for current Council Members, or candidates who have not filed closing financial statements as required.
No link found on the "official city webpage?" That means no required Form 460 was filed by that person! Why not???

Follow the "Money Trail" with these Official Financial Reports!

"Official" City of Petaluma Flood Advisory Updates

Recorded information available 24 hours a day

   For local assistance from FEMA, as a result of flooding in Petaluma

This page is dedicated to "Our Petaluma!"
Any person, organization, etc. that has representatives locally may be covered.
If you want your local Restaurant, Business or Non-Profit Group reviewed, listed or linked from these pages, just contact me at:
If the street delivery address of a business or individual is in Zip Codes 94952 or 94954, it will be considered (for these pages) a part of "Our Petaluma!"
For example, an organization like the Sonoma County Genealogical Society, which has members in Petaluma and officially covers Petaluma, would be included.

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